Managing your orders has never been so easy

Prepare, manage and ship your Shop orders from a single dashboard, independent form the courrier.

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Over 13.058.123 orders managed

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Unique Ui

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Package Tracking

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Focus on what's important

Manage from Cangopal your sales orders, your massive shipments campaigns and your warehouse distribution to focus on what really matters: your business growth.

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No more manual work

Each carrier has a different system? No problem: Cangopal supports them all, without installing plugins or coding.

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We integrate anything

More than 15 different carriers and logistic operators in one click

We are here for you

Our Support Team is always available so your shipments never stop.

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We grow together

Optimize your ressources if you're small and indsutrialize or externalize if your big. That easy.

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I Want to Optimize

Our Support Team is helping you during your first steps and any time you need them.

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